Meet Miss Morgan! 

She was the catalyst to and the foundation of our Maltese breeding program here today.  It all began in 1995 when she joined our family and opened the world of Maltese to us.  She brought much joy to our lives and remained playful and puppy-like into old age.  She has since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and waits for me on the other side......I do miss her...... 

Morgan was purchased for our son who had severe allergies and asthma, but so wanted a pet.  Everyone fell in love with Morgan and she was a perfect fit for our allergic son.  She endeared herself to all who met her, including our daughter who was in college at the time.  It was actually her idea to breed Morgan and have a litter of puppies (our daughter and her children - our grandchildren - are in the photo above - her husband was unable to come with her that day).  After two attempts at purchasing a male (both males came with inheritable genetic defects so were neutered and kept as pets) to cross with Miss Morgan, our daughter found Bob and Loraine Woodard, who were retired show breeders.  They thought our Miss Morgan to be high quality enough to merit breeding so were willing to breed her to their AKC Champion sired male.  They also referred us to someone who had a quality, healthy male puppy available for sale.  We bred Miss Morgan twice to the Woodard's Champion sired male and kept females from those two litters.  We also purchased the little male they had referred us to, and named him Prince Sterling.  He grew to weigh just 3 lbs.

Although Sterling has since passed over the Rainbow Bridge and joined Morgan, some of our females carry his genes forward.  We are very grateful to the Woodard's for giving us a great start. 

We raise many of our own dogs and are currently on our 5th generation so we know our older lines are healthy and true to breed standards.  All of them trace back to Miss Morgan, the Woodard's Champion sired male, and Prince Sterling.  Unrelated Maltese are purchased from time to time to incorporate healthy out-crosses into our breeding program.  All purebred dogs are created by breeding like to like, so there will always be some in-breeding in purebred dogs.  This is a fact that is seldom mentioned.  

Our breeding dogs are our pets.  They share our home and enhance our lives.  They are truly a labor of love.  Todd (my husband) and I live on a farm in rural Nebraska near the small town of Shickley.