"Many thanks to those who have chosen to share their lives with our Maltese puppies.  We have met so many wonderful people through our "Little Hairy Ambassadors!"

Abby 2 at Office 7 months old.jpg

Abby, 8-2018

"So here she is this morning at the office, in her bed, playing and rolling over on her back for a belly rub (she does that at least 12 times a day).  We are so grateful to have her in our lives.

Thanks again,


Abby at Office 7 months old.jpg


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Photo of Wrangler courtesy of Jack and Michelle

Photo of Wrangler courtesy of Jack and Michelle

...Now I see what you are talking about he is far from shy, he has been running around the house since we been home. I, thank you not only for the puppy, but just the overall experience I shared with you. Nowadaays it is hard getting excellent service from someone. And you by far exceeded that.
— Lenae
Just thought I would tell you how much we are enjoying the puppies. They were supposed to be for Christmas for the kids, but we couldn’t wait. As soon as my mom got here with them we just wanted to enjoy them so Santa came early. They have brought so much joy and fun in just 1 day! I think my husband and I are enjoying them as much (if not more) than the kids are. We had quite the snow storm here and they just love running in it (not for long, though). We thank you so much for these wonderful dogs! We can’t imagine our family without them now!
— Stephanie

Princess Madeline with her family (above)

Bo                                                                                     Dezi                                                           and Jersey

Hi Linda,
I haven’t sent you a pix of Bo lately. He is such a peanut. Sweetest little guy ever. His 2 friends.....the cats.....still get bossed arouind by the little guy. He sure has brought smiles to many!
Have a great day,
— Charity
Good morning Linda,
We just wanted to thank-you so much for our little bundle of joy! We have had so much fun just watching her and her energy! It’s so delightful to see a puppy and wonder what she sees through puppy eyes! We feel so blessed and grateful to have met you, and that you have given us this wonderful opportunity to raise such a happy delightful little puppy!
God Bless,
Susie and John
— Susie & John
Dezi is great! You did a wonderful job with raising a very well balanced, well socialized puppy! Dezi is an absolute delight...she slept in a small kennel on my bed last night with the snuggle kitty, and I never heard a peep out of her, I had to wake her up to go potty!! The vet check today went great, no problems at all and Dr........ loved her, as did everyone else there! She is such a happy girl. I really do love her and I am very glad that I got her from you. Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift. She is absolutely precious.
— Barb
Just wanted to give you an update on our little Jersey. She’s doing absolutely wonderful!

We just started training classes with her a week ago and she’s SO smart! She’s learned how to heel, sit, lay down, stand and come. She’s mostly potty trained and rarely has accidents. We just love her so much!!! Every day we are more grateful for the joy she brings to our family!! She’s good-natured, smart and very loving. We are very impressed with your dogs and will definitely keep you in mind if/when we decide to get another one (maybe in a year).
Thank you again!
— Karla
Hi Linda,
Rudy is doing great. He marched into the house and took over. On his own he found the water dish, and food dish. He has terrorized the cat. He walks a wide path around Benny, because Benny is being a grouch. Petey has warmed up to Rudy and they play nearly nonstop, except when Rudy is sleeping on Nancy’s lap! Rudy had a ball with the grandkids on Christmas Day. He shows off pretty darn good! And the most important part, Rudy has a very good handle on going outside to potty. At first he was a bit intimidated. Now he runs and plays with Petey and does his business. We just have to teach each other the going outside signal!

There are so many superlatives for Rudy (and Petey and grumpy Benny), I don’t know where to start. He has essentially bonded with Nancy and he is even willing to give me a little time too. We couldn’t be more happy with Mr. Rudy!
— Dick
....Maggie is just, well, perfect in every way. She is completely potty trained and when she went to the vet this past Friday for her puppy shots weighed in at a whopping 3 pounds. We could not love her more. she delights us every day. Our vet is so impressed by her. She has told us repeatedly how very lucky we are as she has such a smart, sweet, social, gentle disposition. The boys love her as much as the girls in our house. We recently went on a 3 overnights trip to the mountains and Maggie traveled beautifully. We were stopped everywhere we went and Maggie was fussed over! Actually, we take her with us practically everywhere we can and she seems to love it and just goes with the flow! Hope all is well with you and your family. Take care and thank you again for our sweet precious baby.
— Jennifer
Hi All,
It is a year and a half since I adopted Dolce into our family. She is doing awesome and I love her more each day! I just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you and reiterate again how much joy she has brought to my life and our home! We love her so much! Thank you again for being such amazing breeders, she is truly a wonderful, bouncy, fluffy ball of love! She is all grown up! ....and she loves the heater!
— Shelly
I was looking through my e-mails and found some pictures of Missy when she was a baby so I thought I would send you a picture of what she looks like now. She is just beautiful!
— Margo
All our visits on the phone, our emails, and my 2 road trips.... I feel like I’ve known you for years! I am so, so appreciative of all the time and energy you have given to me and to my little girl in order to help ensure our success and happiness! You have been absolutely wonderful!
— Chrisi