Many thanks to those who have chosen to share their lives with our Maltese Puppies.  We have met so many wonderful people through our "Little Hairy Ambassadors"

Well, JoJo enjoyed his first motor-home trip! We decided to have him try the first day of 4-wheeling and if he had a hard time we had a dog sitter on standby. He did great and really enjoyed it so he did all three days with us.

This first picture is him having a run along a trail called Porcupine Ridge, he absolutely loves to run......

He is such a sweet-heart with a loving and playful personality, he is getting taller and filling out a little!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.
Linda and Ernie (2013)
— Linda and Ernie
Hi Linda,
Just droppin’ in to say hello and Lilly is doing great! We love her so much! She is playful and loving. She has made our lives so much richer! I’ve been checking out the new puppy pics on your site. So cute! Is the green bow boy still available? Dr........... is thinking about one of your puppies for his daughters.
Have a great day!
— Kim
I see you have another set of babies!! They’re so tiny! You know, if I could, I’d have 5 of them! They’re just the best little dogs! I just can’t explain how much laughter these two have brought! They’re so silly together!

We sure do love these little guys! Whenever I’m gone for a few hours, I can’t wait to get home and see them again! Thank you so much for raising such great dogs! Today I met another Maltese owner and we talked for two hours about them!
Have a good weekend!
— Karla
Just wanted to send you a photo of Zoey and her owner, Kristen. Zoey has enriched our lives in ways beyond measure. She is a complete joy to have around and we now have no idea what we did before her. I guess I am partial to her because I consider her my grand-dog (I have no grandchildren yet), and have gotten to share in her life because our daughter is currently living with us.

As you might imagine, we get stopped all the time with her and people wondering about her breed, where we purchased her, etc. I have given your information out many times..... We absolutely adore Zoey and her little personality.

We appreciate the animals you provide for sale as they are of the utmost quality and temperament. We cannot thank you enough for allowing Zoey to come into our home and live with us!
— Jean
Hi Linda,
Our trip home was great, uneventful. I held Tag a good share of the way home, at which time we ooohhhed and ahhhed over him and then put him in his crate with his toys and blanket from you. He rode like a trooper. We stopped at 2 cemeteries to let him out to run and do his business and he is going to be great at visiting cemeteries with us while we do genealogy. He ran around like he owned the place!

At home he is living up to his name (Tag), he follows us everywhere! He is smart, personable, fun, everything we could have ever hoped for and more. We are DELIGHTED with him and wanted you to know! He is as sweet and playful as he is cute! I give you ALL the credit for that because I have had puppy mill puppies and then Tag and the difference is unbelievable. He started his life with love and it shows! He will have ethe best of care forever! He uses the wee pads great! I took him in for his check-up and a shot he needed and he was a huge hit! We want to thank you for the great start in life that you gave Tag! He is a very confident and well adjusted puppy!
Jodi and Tag my husband wants to rename him Tiny Bit of Heaven and call him Tiny....we may do that! That tells you what my husband thinks of him! (2012)
— Jodi
Hi Linda,
Stella took her first trip to the groomer yesterday...... When I picked Stella up the groomer told me that she had done well, and was not scared of the trimmers at all. She trimmed her face, which was much needed. Pony tails every day were trying for both her and I! I can’t tell you how happy we are with her, even Jeff! She has been doing great, been to the vet a couple of times, goes to work with me at the flower shop 3 mornings a week, and countless trips to friends houses, and does well. We have been working on the barking, but other than that she has us figured out, and we have her somewhat figured out. Thanks again, soooo much for such a wonderful puppy!
— Erin
Hi Linda
I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for matching me up with Harley. she is just wonderful, I can’t say enough about her. She is the light of everyone’s life. Everyone who sees her falls in love with her. She is so beautiful and fun and such a good girl.

My parents dog took to her immediately and they have been inseparable since. My parents adore her and she is keeping them young and in good spirits.

Harley is such a little tomboy. She loves to wrestle with her ‘brother’, get dirty and chase the cat, then when she is finally worn out she loves to be held and cuddle with you. One of her favorite things is to take a nap with my Dad everyday.

I look at your website often and think of you and hope everything is going well. Thank you again for my little girl, I can’t imagine my life without her.
— Roxanne