Well..........she DOES look good in a paper sack, LOL. I couldn’t resist. She is every day a Birthday Gift!
Have a good night!
— Tracy
We took JC with us to Jazz on the Green on Thursday night and she made front page of the World-Herald, Midlands section, Friday morning. Here is the photo/article of my little superstar. I had it mounted and framed....wanted to wait and show you finished. We went with another couple. There were a lot of people and dogs. One guy had a small bird on his shoulder.
Have a good day!
Hugs from JC
— Tracy
Hi Linda,
Beau is doing great and we are thrilled to have him. He is learning really quickly to potty outside. He now goes to the sliding glass door to the back yard when he wants out. He is a smart little thing and, as you said, wants to please.

I have attached a photo. He plays hard a couple of hours and then crashes with his squeaky duck. He is eating fine and sleeps through the night in his crate.

I have ordered the Chris Christiansen products you recommended plus the Pet-a-Zyme I-stain and registered him with the AKC. Thank you for your guidance./
Hi Linda,
Saturday is Beau’s 1st birthday. We love him so much.
Alicia and Doug
— Alicia and Doug
Here is my baby. I can’t tell you how much I love this girl. I wanted to thank you for answering my e-mail. It is so kind of you to share your information with me. I wasn’t looking for information, I really just wanted you to know what beautiful babies you have, but I was so pleased that you would take the time to give me all the information that you did. You are a good breeder who obviously loves these dogs! Because of the circumstances of Nellie’s adoption I don’t have a Breeder to get information from so you just don’t know how much I appreciate your kindness.

I have done all the things you suggested early on - water bottle, ear checks, teeth, etc. Because she has such stains the vet has changed her food to an allergy type food and she seems to like it even though I didn’t want to out her on it because I don’t like the brand but she is doing better. I am definitely ordering the Nu-Vet vitamins. I went on line to do that today. Again—Thank You so much for your kindness and information.
Enjoy your day and hug those babies!
— Barbara